A WOMAN has expressed her thanks after a "terrifying" crash left her car on its roof near the M5 in Taunton

Sian Craddock was travelling near to Junction 25 on Friday night when she was involved in a crash that left her car on its roof. 

The 20-year-old, who currently lives in Crewkerne, says she is grateful to the "selfless" people who helped her after the incident. 

She was taken to hospital but has since been released.

Now she wants to find all of the people that helped her in order to say thank you.

She posted a message on Facebook to try and track down her heroes.

She said: "I was involved in a crash just off junction 25 of the M5 in Taunton, my car flipped over and it was the most terrifying experience of my life.

"I've been given the all clear by the hospital, just have lots of cuts, bruises and am very achy/stiff and disorientated. What really helped me through was the selfless people who came to my aid, they were all amazing.

"If you were one of them, please get in contact with me as I'd like to send you all a special something as a thank you.

"There was an amazing lady who held my neck for 45mins-hour and reassured me, Tara Gale who reassured me, kept me dry and offered to come to the hospital with me, Steven Hart who reassured me and kept my boyfriend up to date, a man who cut my seatbelt to release me, two ladies who stopped to provide us with an umbrella and also a couple who stopped and reassured me even though they had two young children in the car.

"If I've missed anyone off then I'm really sorry, contact me and I'll make sure to get you something as well."