IT is an uncomfortable reality that developers, rather than politicians, know what is commercially viable, hence for example their desire to build the Nexus business park and an apparent unwillingness to develop the old market site in the way Taunton Deane would wish.

Part of the reason for that is productivity and connectivity - not broadband but road and rail.

The inner relief road and the road linking Wellington Road to Wood Street have helped but access to the M5, which is under increasing and at times overwhelming strain, presents a huge challenge. 

Taunton Deane’s Technical Services Department was, in the 1970s, talking about a new M5 junction at Walford Cross but local authorities were resistant.

They appear to be still resistant to the idea of a new junction, even if they don’t have to pay for it!

Planners must actively consider ways that will facilitate the flow of traffic by reinstating roads closed as bus gates, even if for non-HGVs.

There is simply too much artificially-created congestion, fuel consumption, pollution and delay arising from planning decisions and policy.

Residents of Taunton, surrounding areas and those seeking to bring business to the region need to be hearing tangible and measurable steps to address these issues, not measures to make them worse.