A PAIR of peregrine falcons who have set up home on top of a church will be hoping to hear the flapping of tiny wings some time soon.

The frisky birds were spotted atop St Mary Magdalene Church in the spring mood on Mother's Day last Sunday.

Ade Ludlam took a break from shopping with his wife to check out the falcons, who have been lured back to St Mary's for a second year via a nestbox built on top of the tower.

He said: "We spotted one bird perched up high then saw a second on the other corner of the church tower.

"The first bird launched and flew a short circuit before returning and landing on the same perch as the second bird.

"I videoed with my phone as he landed and realised with all the commotion and wing flapping that there was love in the air.

"It seems that peregrine falcons are not only the fastest animal on the planet when in a 200mph dive, but their mating is done in a hurry too."

The nesting box and a webcam to capture the birds and hopefully their young was set up on top of the church tower as part of the £7,000 Taunton Peregrine Project.

Project manager Michael Leigh-Mallory said: "Yes, the pair have mated, which is encouraging news.

"However, we have to cross our fingers as they have made no actual visits to the nesting box yet.

"They are a young unproven pair and this may mean they breed later or possibly not at all this year.

"All we can do is wait."

A peregrine open day when a new live screen will be unveiled at St Mary's, along with talks by peregrine experts, on Saturday, March 24, from 10am to 4pm - the day will fundraise for the project.