FORGIVE me if I am wrong, but I thought a Member of Parliament was elected to represent ALL the people in their constituency and not just those who are of a similar political persuasion?

If this is the case, then our elected Member, Rebecca Pow, should take a long hard look at herself.

Ms Pow seems to be more interested in becoming some sort of super-environmentalist, rather than carrying out her duties as an MP.

Nothing wrong with that at all and quite commendable, but she is being paid a very decent wage to be a public servant, and a public servant is exactly that; someone who is at the bidding of the public and not working to their own agenda.

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As your correspondent Melanie Hallett pointed out a couple of weeks ago (‘MP needs to help town address social problems’, Postbag, March 22), the number of citizens with legitimate concerns who are ignored or avoided by Ms Pow seems to be growing.

They have every right to be heard and should be, without exception.

Something else that should be a concern is her continuing attempted to take credit for various important announcements, the latest of these being the news of the funding of a new surgical unit at Musgrove Park Hospital.

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I am very surprised that she has so much influence over the Health Minister, Jeremy Hunt, seeing as she takes scant interest in what he says.

Only a few weeks ago, I saw her on TV, a few feet from Mr Hunt in the Houseof Commons, on her phone, texting or tweeting, paying no attention to the debate.

So much for taking an interest in the NHS.

Finally, I will end with two suggestions.

Firstly, the County Gazette could stop fawning over Ms Pow and her green credentials and start looking into these allegations seriously.
If this was a council not doing its job, then I think you’d be looking into it and letting your readership know the facts.

Secondly, Ms Pow, resign.

You could then pursue your environmental crusade to your heart’s content and let the people of Taunton Deane elect an MP who actually gives a damn about them and the serious social issues you are blatantly ignoring.