IN response to Lewis Vance (‘Town shame’, Postbag, April 5): Sadly, how true.

Five years ago, because of a life change, I moved from outer Taunton to East Reach.

At first it was a pleasant novelty, with shops and work within easy walking distance.

However, this is no longer the case.

On the walk to and from work, I encounter an obstacle course, having to avoid piles of vomit, broken glass, dogs mess, individuals stopping me and asking for change and groups of intimidating people openly shouting obscenities.

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I used to enjoy walking into town for the evening for a meal and drink but I no longer feel safe to do this, unless I have a lift, which is ridiculous for less than half a mile.

Once at home, I am virtually an evening prisoner.

Even then, there is no peace, as most nights there are rowdy, almost feral, groups passing by, boy racers making a huge noise and finally, I choose ot to look out of my window after 10pm as I fear what I would witness.

I am hoping someone in authority will read this and take action, but I think not.