A PLANNING application has been submitted to make use of the former site of a supermarket in Taunton

Churchill Retirement Living has submit the application to Taunton Deane Borough Council (TDBC) for permission to form 72 apartments for the elderly where Lidl supermarket once stood on Tangier Way. 

The development would include apartments for residents of 60 years of age, guest apartments, communal facilities and car parking. 

The site has been derelict since Lidl moved to a new store 100 metres down the road. 

Churchill claims that the development would have lots of positive impacts on the town, including reducing elderly loneliness and isolation. 

A spokesman on behalf of Churchill said: "There would be no negative impacts resulting from the proposed development.

"In particular, there would not be any negative highway, trees, flood risk or ecology impacts. The proposed development would however deliver the following benefits. It would assist in providing elderly housing in Taunton to meet the identified need in the Core Strategy 2012 and Taunton Dean Local Plan (2004) and Taunton town Centre Area Action Plan (2008).

"It would involve the redevelopment of an underutilised and tired previously developed site. The proposal would contribute to the council meeting their housing policy objectives in respect of delivery of private retirement housing and relinquish the burden on the elderly in terms of cost of running and maintaining a house and allowing somewhere to live with easy access to essential facilities.

"It would allow independent living and reduce security worries for the elderly, reduce elderly loneliness and isolation by creating a community and having someone to who can be called upon in an emergency."

The plans were put on show at an exhibition in Taunton at the end of last year. 

At the time, the company's planning director, Andrew Burgess, said there was a "real need" for private retirement homes in the county town.

He added: "By meeting this rising demand, we can allow older people to downsize and free up under-occupied houses in the local area for families.

"As well as meeting the need for high quality retirement apartments, the development will bring benefits to the local economy."

An online consultation will be open on TDBC's website until May 4. 

The application can be viewing by searching application number 38/18/0079.

A decision is expected at the beginning of July.