ENTHUSIASTIC comic book and gaming fans gathering at Wellsprings Leisure Centre on Sunday for a fun-filled event.

The UK Gaming and Comicon festival took place at the leisure centre from 10am until 4pm.

Fans attended the event, some in fancy-dress, to immerse themselves into a different universe.

Familiar characters were dotted around the room, ready to take photos with guests, including The Walking Dead's Negan, Dumbledore and Darth Vader.

Organisers, Liza and Graham Clarke, from Wellington, wanted to bring a family-friendly event to the area.

"We got into it because we build props," said Mrs Clarke.

"We went to a few events and the kids loved it.

"We wanted to bring a fun and affordable event for families to the area.

"Every show is a gamble but it pays off.

"We were really busy throughout the day - it's been fantastic."

The pair also organise events elsewhere in the country, including in Bristol and Dorset.

The next Taunton event will take place in October.

For more information visit mooseeventsuk.com.