I HAD the pleasure of meeting Rebecca Pow MP at her constituency office last week to suggest to her my idea that we should remain in the EU and spend the Government's £60 Billion "Brexit Resilience Fund" on the NHS, instead - at £250 million per week for five years.

In reply, she said she wished to carry out the wish of her constituents to leave the EU (despite everything) and that her priority was to 'bring jobs, business and infrastructure to Taunton Deane'.

And yet, by far our largest pieces of 'infrastructure' - the EU single market and the customs union - we are leaving.

Not even the most deluded of brexiters, or those who currently support them, can anymore claim that we will benefit economically from leaving the EU.

Therefore, the question must be asked, how much economic harm is justified in order to leave the EU, and will 'even' Rebecca Pow be able to mitigate that harm to her constituents?

Somehow, I don't think so...

Let us be allowed to change our minds and remain in the EU and spend that £60 billion where we really need it.