AT heart Nadine Coyle is a Derry Girl.

She was born in Derry, has lived in Derry and it is her home town, one which she is proud of.

Now she is about to become a member of the hit Channel 4 Series Derry Girls and she cannot be more excited.

The former member of Girls Aloud is talking to the writer Lisa McGee, about appearing in the next series.

Giving the heads up on this momentous news, Nadine said: “I am speaking to the writer and figuring out a format in which I can appear.

"I saw the first series and I loved it.

"It was full of characters. The convent school which the girls go to and the uniform they wear it was just like my old school.

"I remember assemblies like they had and the head mistress being a nun and even recall the Army getting on the bus to search for bombs.

"It really brought it all back.”

Somerset County Gazette:

Getting a role in Derry Girls would be a dream job for Nadine who it would appear is always being offered a role as a seductress in films or television programmes.

Nadine explained she did not see herself as a seductress and wanted a role which would be funny and she could show people she could act.

She added: “I would take any role in Derry Girls and before I became a singer I was an actress.

It would be wonderful to be on this comedy show and I really hope it will happen.”

What did happen was this ‘Derry Girl’ made her way into one of the biggest all girl groups of the 2000s.

Girls Aloud achieved 20 consecutive UK top 10 singles, four number one and were together from 2002-2009 and 2012-2013.

It all begin from humble beginnings when as a two-yearold she was singing Saturday Night at the Movies and as he grew up listening to soul music including records and songs by Stevie Wonder.

Somerset County Gazette:

She said: “It was defiantly soul music for me.

"My dad was a singer and liked jazz and all his friends were musicians.”

From there it was a case of Nadine making her own way and she did when she auditioned for Pop Stars the Rivals and made it all the way to the final and into the group which became Girls Aloud.

As a group they wer constantly is the headlines, in the public eye and in all the papers and magazines.

But what was it like inside this bubble as the fame kept growing and the hits kept coming?

Nadine said: “You didn’t really think it was getting bigger. You were just getting on with your everyday life.

"Recording records or doing television shows and appearing at concerts.

"We were all trying to do our best, getting better and what we did and doing the best show we could. We were inside our own bubble.”

This bubble served them well as the hits which they made included “I’ll Stand by You”, “Love Machine”, “Walk This Way” (with Sugababes), “The Promise”, “Something New”, “Something Kinda Ooooh” and “Wake Me Up” to name a few.

Somerset County Gazette:

Girls Aloud split in 2013 and as Nadine is a former member, it would have been remiss to ask if she hoped or thought the group would get back together.

Nadine said: “I would never rule it out. We had such a good thing it would be a shame never to do anything again.

"I would like to always leave that door open.”

The new door which has opened now for Nadine is her solo career.

She returned to the music scene late last year with a brand new song ‘Go To Work’, now Nadine Coyle announces the release of a new 4 track EP and a UK tour.

‘Go To Work’ was released in September last year, and has to date had over 1.1 million streams on Spotify, hitting No.1 on their Viral Chart.

Nadine will also be hitting the road in May for a UK and Ireland tour.

She will be performing the greatest hits of Girls Aloud solo, alongside songs from her forthcoming new album.

Somerset County Gazette:

One of the arenas she is coming to in Somerset is Bristol O2 Academy 1 on Monday, May 14.

Speaking about her tour, Nadine said: “I am very much looking forward to it. I am happy it is only on month away as we still have lots to do.

“I want them to come away from the shows going WOW-that was brilliant.”

Further details about the tour online at