TRAIN passengers who clog up streets with their cars near Taunton Station could be seen off by fed up locals.

People living in the Rowbarton area are looking at ways of stopping commuters and even holidaymakers parking on their streets, sometimes leaving their vehicles outside homes for a week at a time.

Vehicles are often parked dangerously on street corners and even on the pavement.

Fears have also been expressed that a tragedy could occur if emergency services are unable to get through.

A public meeting is being held on Friday at Rowbarton Methodist Hall at 6pm, with one solution being discussed the possibility of installing a residents' parking scheme.

It is likely to attract scores of people from homes off Kingston Road ranging from Maxwell Street to Greenway Avenue, Herbert Street and Cyril Street.

A resident, who does not wish to be named, said: "I haven't got a car myself, but it's ridiculous.

"People who live here really struggle to find a space to park and a fire engine couldn't get through the other day."

Cllr Rod Williams, the county councillor for the area, along with resident Brenda Weston has taken up the case following numerous complaints.

He said: "People are upset at people who don't live there parking there instead of at the station to avoid paying. Sometimes they leave their cars there for a week.

"It's so congested that residents are unable to park when they get back from work or shopping.

"One of the issues that needs to be considered is access for emergency vehicles."

Residents' parking permits, costing £60 a year, are one of the possible options for locals to consider, while there could also be double yellow lines.

County parking services manager Steve Deakin will address tomorrow's meeting.

He has written to residents saying permit parking zones would result in the "removal of competition with non-residents who currently park there" and "confidence" that locals will be able to park near their homes during the day, as well as increased safety.

There needs to be a 60 per cent response to the consultation for a residents parking scheme to be introduced.