HE gave me an exclusive story.

Who is he I hear you cry? He is the comedian, John Kearns, who is the only winner of both the Best Show and Best Newcomer Edinburgh Comedy Awards.

John is touring this new show Don’t Worry, They’re Here which has been described as a comic heart-warming monologue that highlights the absurdities of the ordinary.

But what is the exclusive I can hear you bellowing, it is he would love to release his own comedy record on vinyl. It was a comedy record from his dad’s collection which sparked his interest in comedy and how it can bond people together.

His dad put the record on and put the headphones on John’s ears and within second he was listening to Derek and Clive.

For those of you unaware Derek (Dudley Moore) and Clive (Peter Cook) are these records did contain highly offensive material liberally peppered with swearing.

Looking back at this time and why he wanted to be a stand up comedian, John said: “Doing stand up was something I always wanted to do.

"I felt this when I was a child and sat at home watching sit coms with my family.

"When something like Only Fool’s and Horses was on television the whole family would sit around and watch it together and laugh.

“I remember looking at my mum and dad and seeing them laugh and wondering what was this magic that seems to be joining the family together.

"I love sit coms and my hero is John Sullivan who wrote Only Fools and Horses.

"I remember watching the show when it was Rodney’s wedding and Del was all alone.

"It wasn’t a funny moment but he knew how to get the big laughs and what the silence would mean to people.

“I recall a vivid memory when I was much younger my dad put on a Derek and Clive record and put the earphones on my ears so I could listen.

“I thought there is a lot of swearing and my dad was laughing and I did not know whether I should laugh or not.

"It is incredible to think how things have moved and as I do not think they would make this record today or release it on vinyl.

“When you are a child you want to collect something and I decided to collect vinyl comedy records.

"I loved reading the album notes when I listen as it, holding the album brought you closer to what I was listening too.

I remember my dad giving me a lift to the cinema in Wimbledon and Eddie Izzard came on the radio and I would not get out of the car until he had finished.

Somerset County Gazette:

I remember Googling the best comedian in the world and the answer came back as Bill Hicks and Richard Pryor.

"I went out and bought their albums when I was 14/15 years old. I didn’t understand everything but I knew this was what I wanted to do.”

And this is what John has done.

He is successfully carving out a career as a stand up comedian and has previously appeared on BBC’s Top Coppers, Dave’s Drunk History, ITV’s Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule and Harry Hill’s Tea Time, ITV2’s @Elevenish and on BBC Radio 4 with his own comedy series.

He also enjoyed another magnificent sold-out run at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where he thrilled audiences at The Monkey Barrel throughout August.

Looking at what amuses him as a comic, John said: “ I am an optimistic person on stage but really I am a realist. But I like to think I am optimistic all the time which shows in my writing.

"Maybe when I go on stage what I do is like my alter ego.

"You always have to enjoy yourself even if the audience is not as you believe what you are doing is right.

“What have I learnt about myself ? I know what I can do and I know what I cannot and I know I am right to do stand up comedy.

"When I sat down to write this show I wondered if I could do it again but I could.I usually have a lot going on in my life and there are lots of it which I worry about.

"But when I go on stage I feel clam and in control.

“It is like football fans watching a game, for those 90 minutes nothing else is important.

“What I want to do is go on stage be the best I can be, keep learning be the best version of me as a performer I can be.”

- John Kearns will be at The Wells Comedy Festival on May 27.

Further details online at wellscomfest.com