THE peregrine falcons nesting on top of a Taunton church have raised hopes they could become parents.

The female is sitting on two eggs, although we're being warned not to count our falcons before they're hatched.

We reported last week how she had laid an egg and the second one duly followed.

The birds are now using a nestbox constructed on the roof of St Mary Magdalene Church and their progress is being watched in the church via a video link.

Project manager Michael Leigh Mallory is thrilled and has named the falcons Bullet and Bulletina.

But he said: "The pictures on the TV screen in the north aisle of the church have been wonderful to watch. "Nevertheless, this clutch of eggs is rather late and not due to hatch until Thursday, June 7.

"But despite our birds’ best efforts, the eggs may be infertile. We shall see. It does bode well for next year, however."

The peregrines lost one egg earlier this year when the female accidentally kicked it off the church tower.