I WOULD just like to know what the woman in the silver grey car thought she was doing when she almost took out my husband.

It’s about time that the people in Somerset got it into there thick heads, that the speed limit through Norton Fitzwarren is 30 miles per hour and that when the traffic lights show red for motorists, that means you stop, not try to barge your way through the lights in the hope that you can beat them.

We all know this county council and highways refuse to put up speed signs through our village. 

They say they are not necessary.

Well, highways, I beg to differ.

The speed this idiot was coming through the village at lunchtime caused her to skid to a halt, stopping on the line of the lights.

The speed watch was out in our village this morning and caught 21 vehicles doing over the 36 mph permitted by law.

These vehicles registrations will be forwarded to the police.

People have to understand, we in Norton are getting fed up with the B3227 being used as a race track.

Norton Fitzwarren