IT WOULD seem by all the comments I read, I am a whinging old woman who needs to get a life, move to the Outer Hebrides, or at least move out of Somerset.

I am sorry that most of the people in Somerset feel this way, I have lived in Norton for over 30 years and love the village, I help run the village hall coffee shop, and help with things that go on at the village hall.

I do however apologise for tarring everyone in Somerset who drives a vehicle as thickheads, but you must understand when you see your husband in such a situation you do tend to be not annoyed, but very angry. My husband did everything right that morning, he pressed the button and waited for the green man, it was only the fact that he was behind his walker that stopped a tragedy. The female driver of the car was not watching the road, and only took control of her car when she realised she had to brake hard to stop.

I would like to make it very clear, I will never write to the Gazette again. Most of the comments received were very hurtful and distressing, so as far as I am concerned that is it I will let the local Speed Watch do its job and maybe they will, with the help of the local police sort out Norton's traffic problems.

Maureen Palmer,

Norton Fitzwarren