THIS is the moment Joseph Isaacs was arrested after he tried to murder D-Day veteran Jim Booth with a claw hammer in his Taunton home.

Isaacs, 40, of no fixed abode, was picked up by police while driving his car in Congresbury two days after the attack on November 22 last year.

Judge David Ticehurst will sentence Isaacs this afternoon (Friday, May 25) for the sickening assault which left Mr Booth, 96, with severe head injuries.

Isaacs can be heard saying in the video: “I’m not saying nothing. This is a joke, I’m get my lawyer involved.”

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During this week’s trial, the jury watched a video of a police interview, in which Mr Booth told how he had been carrying out “domestic chores” at his home in Gipsy Lane when Isaacs appeared at his front door, offering to repair a roof tile for a good price.

Mr Booth told Isaacs: “Thanks, but I have got a friend who does building things who will do it for me ... you can’t help me, sorry.”

Somerset County Gazette:

The court heard Isaacs edged himself into the bungalow and Mr Booth said: “He was following me into the house. He had this big hammer and started smashing away.

“I just moved back, but he was running after me, hitting me all the time. I must have collapsed and fallen on the floor right in the sitting room there. I remember lying down, thinking, ‘Oh, my God, I’m dying’ or something like that.”

A blood-splattered Mr Booth, who is unsure whether he lost consciousness, made his way to a neighbour’s house, where police were called before he was rushed to Musgrove Park Hospital.

Somerset County Gazette:

Mr Booth was treated for injuries including a fractured skull and finger, deep wounds on an arm and lots of bruising.

Martin Horton, a consultant advanced clinical practitioner in emergency medicine at Musgrove, told the court: “I had grave concerns regarding his recovery. He appeared to me as a frail gentleman with significant injuries, with a brain injury and significant skull depression. I raised those concerns with his daughters and prepared them for potentially the worst.”

Somerset County Gazette:

Forensic pathologist Dr Russell Delaney said the injuries were “in keeping with the circular part of a claw hammer” and would have required “severe” force.

He added that Mr Booth’s arm wounds were “typical of defensive type injuries from putting your hands up to protect your head”.

Isaacs denied attempted murder but has previously pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm. He has also admitted aggravated burglary and seven counts of fraud for using or trying to use a bank card stolen from Mr Booth.