A KEEN metal detectorist has found an old Red Cross badge which he hopes to return to the family of the original owner.

Darren Tremlett, who lives in Bristol, discovered the old badge in the ground at Warren Farm, near Watchet, recently.

The badge is inscribed with the name Kathleen Hole and it is her family he’s trying to trace.

Somerset County Gazette:

Darren said: “I recently found a badge from the Red Cross with a name in the back. The name is Kathleen hole and would love to return it to the family.

“Last year I found a bosun's call whistle in Churchill which belonged to a soldier from the Second World War who was killed just after D Day.

“But I managed to track down his family and returned it to them so hope I can do the same with the Red Cross badge.”

If you can help Darren, email newsdesk@countygazette.co.uk.