ANGER has been expressed after glass from a broken wine bottle was allegedly left scattered around a baby swing in a Somerset park.

A mum shared this picture on social media after finding glass from a broken bottle of pinot grigio scattered in the Henry Davey park, in Watchet.

A spokesman from Watchet Town Council said leaving broken glass in a children’s park is not acceptable and that work to clear it up was carried out immediately.

The mum’s post on Facebook said: “Some **** has smashed a bottle at the Henry Davey park near the steps on the climbing apparatus.

Somerset County Gazette:

“I’ve picked some up but there are loads of little bits was hard trying to pick that up and watch my child.

“The **** even out some glass on the baby swings. Please be careful.”

The council spokesman said such behaviour makes people “very angry” and confirmed staff were sent to the park to clear up the rest of the glass as soon as the authority was made aware on social media.

The spokesman said: “The post from the person said there was even glass on the baby swings.

“We want anybody who sees anything like this to contact us.”

Call the council on 01984 633344 or email