TWO grieving mothers have made heartfelt pleas to young people to think twice about taking drugs after their sons died within hours of each other in the same hospital room.

Mitchell Hole, 30, died at Musgrove Park Hospital two days after collapsing at his family home in Norton Fitzwarren after taking drugs.

Mitchell, of Rectory Road, was in the next bed to Reece Murphy, 16, who had taken ecstasy and lost his life in the intensive care unit shortly afterwards on the same day, Sunday (July 1).

Mitchell's mother, Lorraine Grundy, said: "It was devastating. There were two massive families there. We're thinking of them at this time. Our hearts go out to them.

"Please, anyone taking drugs think twice. You never know what's round the corner.

Somerset County Gazette:

"We wouldn't want anyone to go through what we're going through."

Mitchell was with friends when he collapsed in the early hours of last Friday (June 29).

His uncle administered CPR until medics arrived and took over before he was rushed to intensive care at Musgrove, where he passed away two days later.

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Mrs Grundy said before his death, Mitchell was twice brought round after going into cardiac arrest.

She added: "He was brain dead but, because of his age, they gave him every fighting chance. But unfortunately he lost his fight and passed away peacefully.

"I'd like to thank all the staff at Musgrove who took part in his care, especially in ICU. They were absolutely amazing. They did everything they could for him. I work at the same hospital and am going to find it very hard to go back there to work.

"And thank you to all his friends and family who came to support us. A lot of people came to say their last good-byes. It was a very sad time as Mitchell had a lot of friends.

"He is very popular and is going to be greatly missed by many, I feel like I'm in a bad dream that won't go away. We are destroyed."

His devastated family received some comfort from the fact that Mitchell's death helped save the lives of three other people as his liver and both kidneys were donated.

"It gave us a lift because part of Mitch lives on," said Mrs Grundy.

"Saving three other people's lives is massive.

"Mitch wasn't a common blood group, so imagine how amazing it must have been for their families."

Mitchell was born in Musgrove and raised in Norton Fitzwarren, where he attended the village primary school before moving on to the former Ladymead School, in Taunton.

He worked as a Rebeat DJ and a tattoo artist and a number of DJ tribute events are being held in Mitchell's memory in the coming months.

Mrs Grundy said: "He was bright, bubbly, very well known, handsome, full of fun. A loveable rogue.

"He was a really loving son with a heart of gold.

"He had pride in his presentation, spending money on good clothes. He was well into his spiritual side.

"He was well into his spiritual side. I still can't believe I'm never going see him again or receive his random texts or read his funny statuses which I know everyone loved. He was one of a kind and always helping others. He was a special person."     

Somerset County Gazette:

"We're absolutely devastated. It was such a shock. He died the same date as my mother. He's my youngest and I've got lots of happy memories of him and lots of support.                      

One of those memories is from last year when Mitchell and his best friend David Black had to be rescued by lifeboatmen after going adrift in a dinghy in the Bristol Channel. They were in the papers and also on the news.

As well as his mother, Mitchell leaves his father, Bill, brother and sister John and Terri and stepsisters Caitlin and Kiera.

Mrs Grundy said there has been an overwhelming response to the loss of Mitchell.

Some of his friends have set up pages on Facebook requesting pictures and videos to put together for a slide show - hundreds have alreadcy been sent.

"She added: "It breaks my heart to see them. We really appreciate everyone's help as Mitchell deserves a great send of. Fly high my beautiful son you will be terribly missed. Love you so much."

The funeral is at Taunton Deane Crematorium on Friday, July 20 at 3pm, when there will be no dress code and family flowers only.

A wake will be held afterwards at Taunton Rugby Club, in Hyde Lane, Bathpool.

Contributions may be made towards funeral costs at the following Santander account - LGRUNDY account number 77118188, sort code 090135.

The mother of Reece Murphy, 16, of Taunton, made a heartfelt plea to people not to take drugs following his death.

Sarah Lush said: "Please don't take drugs. They ruin lives and families."

A CREECH St Michael woman believes legalising drugs would help stop the appalling loss of young lives.

Hope Humphreys is a member of Anyone's Child, a campaigning group with the charity Transform, which blames the current laws for the damage caused by drugs.

She said: "More and more precious lives are being lost to drugs.

"Saying 'no' to drugs seems like the ideal solution, but the reality is that young people don't always do what we want them to do.

"Many nice bright teenagers do try drugs, they are disobedient, so what can be done to keep them safer?

"All of us have been harmed by the drug laws in some way, most by the death of a loved one.

"It is the arbitrary unscientific prohibition of drugs, many less harmful than alcohol or tobacco, that means they can only be supplied by criminals.

"Of course we don't want to encourage drug use - it would be safer if no one used them - but ignoring the fact that people do, means that more and more continue to die from taking unregulated contaminated substances.

"Most of these deaths would be avoided if drugs were brought under reasonable legal control like all other dangerous substances.

"It is negligent to accept that it's somehow okay to allow young people to die of disobedience when reforming the drug laws could protect them.

"Drugs must be removed from the criminal justice system and, if a problem, treated as a health and social issue."