THIS amazing whirlwind of hay was caught on video by Beccy Swaine in Taunton's Longrun Meadow.

Beccy was amazed to be greeted by all the hay spinning round and round in circles as two children played and a woman walked her dog.

After a couple of minutes the hay all disappeared into the sky - and rained down nearby shortly afterwards.

The natural phenomenon is known as a hay devil - a small whirlwind caused by heat that is usually of short duration and swirls pieces of hay to great heights.

Becky's footage of the incident on Saturday at 12.45pm on Facebook has been viewed more than a quarter of a million times.

She said: "It was really exciting to see. I was in the right place at the right time.

"I was just walking from Tesco to French Weir over the birdge and I could see behind the trees all this hay spinning up in the air.

"It was just astonishing. There were a few people on the bridge watching.

"It lasted maybe two or three minutes. it was just amazing.

"As it ended, the hay disappeared upwards into the sky.

"I didn't know where it went until I later told a friend about it and she said she'd wondered why it was raining hay when she was outside Tesco."