A DOUBLE decker bus has been adapted as part of a project to persuade young people to steer clear of drugs.

The 'Drug Bus' will be driven to events in the Prioswood area of Taunton over the summer to educate youngsters on the impact of substance abuse.

Young people will be invited on board to take part in activities that bring home the reality of experimenting with drugs at any level.

The travelling activity centre is provided by Resilience Voyage, a Somerset-based company that designs and runs stimulating and interactive, resilience and prevention workshops and programmes.

Following the deaths at Musgrove Park Hospital of two young men, Reece Murphy, 16, and Mitchell Hole, 30, from drugs on the same day earlier this month, Taunton Rotary Club has decided to support the project.

It has awarded £350 to the initiative and will present a cheque to Lesely Thomas, manager of the North Taunton Partnership, based in Priorswood.

Rotary president and former Metropolitan Police drugs squad officer Tom Stable is backing the iniative to help young people avoid substance abuse.

He has spoken of his own passion to see young people deterred from starting down the road of drug taking and its often tragic consequences.

Mr Stable said: "‘As a retired detective sergeant with many years’ experience in the Met drugs squad and at the sharp end of policing, I wholly endorse the ‘prevention before cure’ strategy.

"The Drug Bus in my opinion will assist in guiding the young away from the drug scene."