EMERGENCY service rushed to West Somerset's Tropiquaria Zoo in the early hours of this morning after a tapir got loose.

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset poice said they were called to the scene after the rogue mammal broke free at around 5.40am.

They added: "There was a tapir on the loose, which posed a risk to traffic and road users.

"We were alerted to the tapir on the A39 at approximately 5.40am. It was located shortly before 8.30am and it was eventually taken back to its home at around 11.30am.

"It was sedated and is now back where it should be."

A spokesman for Tropiquaria added: "There was an incident this morning where an animal got into a containment paddock behind their paddock.

"She has been calmly sedated and should be back out at about 1pm."