QUANTITY was down but quality was as high a ever at Saturday's Kingston St Mary Flower Show.
Show secretary Annie Trolley said the event in the village hall attracted 304 entries from 49 competitors - down from 450 items from 65 people last year.
She said: "Whether that is due to the weather or people away on summer holidays, who knows?
"Despite this, there were some truly amazing entries.
"A big thank you to all those who either helped or entered and to our supporters who turned up on the day to enjoy tea and cake. Last, but not least, well done to all the trophy winners."
Vegetables (overall), Bill Hayes; vegetable collection, best vegetable exhibit, best flower exhibit, Joseph Heayns; flowers (overall), larder items, Jane House; indoor plant, homecraft (overall), Annie Trolley; decorative arrangement, Joan Fitton; loaf of bread, Marian Dunsford; painting (watercolour), Daniel Hill; painting (other medium), sculpture, handicraft, Sheila Jones.


Vegetables and Fruit.

Collection of vegetables, carrots, Joseph Heayns; potatoes (coloured), potatoes, courgettes, cucumbers, french beans, soft fruit, dessert apples, salad items, Bill Hayes; beetroot, John Manning; peas, onions (small), any other fruit or veg, Paul Trolley; runner beans, Judy Rhodes; leeks, onions (large), Eric Lovell; nine shallots, Chris Heayns; tomatoes, Joan Fitton; novelty tomatoes, Judy Rhodes; herbs, Yvonne Harris.

Flowers and Plants.

Nasturtiums, pansies, roses (single), perennials (varied), Jane House; annuals, sweet peas, Chris Heayns; roses (trusses), Nancy Lyons; foliage indoor plant, Annie Trolley; flowering indoor plant, shrubs/trees, Margaret Bigg; succulent or cactus, Sheila Hayes; dahlias (small), KSM School; dahlias (large), Jenny Butcher; perennials (one sort), fuschia, Eric Lovell; hanging basket, Trudy Mancini.

Decorative Arrangements.

Book title, foliage only, Joan Fitton; single hue, have a go, groom's buttonhole, candles, Trudy Mancini; a miniature, Jenny Fisher.


Fruit cordial, Sonia Pether; wine, Chris Heayns; marmalade, Sarah Hancock; fruit jelly, Trudy Mancini; chutney, strawberry jam, savoury biscuits, fudge, Annie Trolley; fruit curd, Janet Lovell; bakewell tarts, lardy cake, Kate Ranson; bread, carrot cake, Marian Dunsford; items for larder, Jane House; gluten free cake, Sheila Jones; macho pasty (men/boys), Paul Trolley.


Fairy garden on a plate, Matilda Holt and Paige Gardiner.


Watercolour picture, Daniel Hill; other medium picture, sculpture, Sue Tilleray; photograph shadows, Nick Warner; handicraft, Sheila Jones; birthday card, Trudy Mancini; limerick, Jane Clarke; caption to a picture, Jane House; spud in a tub, Joseph Heayns; unusual shaped vegetable, Joyce Penston; teapot stand, Annie Trolley; other craft, Margaret Bigg.


Sweetest smelling rose, Margaret Bigg.