I’VE just had to leave the Taunton Cricket Ground before the end of the Kia Super League match today.

Why? Because my enjoyment of what was an entertaining day of ladies’ cricket was being utterly ruined by the pain-inducing volume of the so-called “music” which was being inflicted on us between overs and after every boundary.

For goodness’ sake, even assuming that this sonic intrusion somehow adds to “the cricket experience” (it doesn’t), why so grossly over-loud?

Whoever was in charge of the volume control today should be made to sit under the speakers in the upper Somerset Pavilion and try to have a conversation with someone sitting next to them – not possible.

It’s bad enough in the Vitality T20 Blast but to have it inflicted on us for no good reason in the KSL games is the last straw.

SCCC members are on the whole a fairly intelligent bunch and we don’t need to have every millisecond filled for us by external stimuli – we are actually capable of independent thought and are prepared to talk to people next to us and discuss the cricket we are watching.

Give as a break please!