I LOVE Taunton Flower Show, I go every year, spend hours admiring the crafts, art, photography, children’s section, baking, floral art, fruit vegetables, the traders’ floral displays, the Food Tent, the Children’s Area - too much to mention everything! 

There is something for everyone. But you can’ t help noticing there are no longer the big displays in the arena.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the falconry, the sheep dogs and geese, the horse display, the band etc, but they are a little lost in such a big arena without the big attractions that used to come in the past. I assume it’s all down to costs.

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Well here are some of my observations...

I overlook Vivary Park and can see just how much manpower and hard work that goes into getting the site ready for a two-day show. It takes days to put up the marquees and take them down again. Why not have it for longer? Costs again?

To me, the pricing structure seems a little outdated. One size fits all? Families are used to going to festivals, zoos, gardens, theme parks and they cost a lot more than our flower show. 

£15 on Friday and £13 on Saturday and children under 15, I think it was free.

How about a price restructure? Family tickets and concessions? I know it makes ticketing more complicated but could this be an answer? 

The more attractions there are for children, the more families will attend. I bet if Mr Tumble put in an appearance there would be standing room only. 

Alternatively, why not make the arena smaller? Perhaps it’s time to think outside the box? 

I am aware there is a problem with Taunton Deane Borough Council and the use and cost of the park, but if we want the flower show to continue, perhaps some of these issues need addressing. 

Let’s not lose this lovely annual event.