TRAVELLERS have pitched an unathorised encampment on a council-owned car park.

The group have settled on Tangier /Enfield Car Park and are blocking a number of parking spaces.

The more than 200-bay car park is owned by Taunton Deane Borough Council. The authority has set in-motion its procedures for removing the encampment, which can include legal action.

A spokesman said: "When dealing with unauthorised encampments on Taunton Deane Borough Council-owned land, the council has an agreed procedure to follow. It also has obligations in respect of health and housing which it must assess and asks to be notified of any special circumstances by way of forms left with the occupants.

"Council officers are aware of the group of travellers currently camped on land at Tangier/Enfield car park in Taunton and are initiating the procedures.

"This includes assessing the situation and leaving the welfare forms with the group. Staff will be accompanied by police.

"The travellers will then be asked to leave the site and, if they fail to comply with the request, formal eviction procedures will be progressed. This includes legal action if necessary."