YOUR newspaper’s ongoing articles and reports about the re-structuring and aiming to bring back ‘glory-days’ to Taunton Rugby Club brings to the forefront the ever-present struggle all clubs have in maintaining their existence in any form.

Mr Collard’s intentions, I am sure, are honourable, but he is a businessman and his motives are, perhaps, questionable.

There are very few sporting clubs that financially run at a profit or in a non-losing situation at the end of their season. In rugby’s premier league, there are only two clubs in the black – Northampton Saints and Exeter. 

In years gone by Bath were one of the most successful Premiership clubs and financially very secure - the same may not be said today.

Running a semi-professional rugby club is not cheap. 

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While many of the essential background supporting members of the Taunton team - coaches, physiotherapists and kit manager - receive a modest out-of-pocket payment, Friends of Taunton Titans contribute considerably to these operational costs, elevating the team’s reliance on the commercial side of Taunton RFC.

But moving up a league will add considerably to this expense, without taking into account additional travelling costs as further distances will have to be covered.

In many respects I support Mr Collard’s input - as he tells us he has to-date placed large sums of money into the club, securing the coming season. 

This I am sure everyone is very pleased about.

Not that I think Taunton Titans will be at the bottom of National 2 at the end of this coming season, but if they are say third or fourth from bottom, what would Mr Collard do then?

I am not suggesting he would cut and run, but the financial situation would become very precarious and how then would the situation be resolved?

If Mr Collard and his company put in place a four- or five-year financial structuring plan and published his vision, covering perhaps the lows and highs of the club, I am sure his support would be overwhelming.

But as I read it, what has been put forward has no long-term projections.
Should Taunton Titans be promoted into the National League Division One next season, but only last for one - what happens then?

National League Division One is a very expensive league to be in and the costs would continue to rise proportionally to that success and beyond.

Before anything happens I suggest the foreseeable financial security is secured and the club’s real-estate not put in jeopardy so the many hundreds of loyal supporters will not lose some very enjoyable and entertaining rugby which has been pleasurable to watch over the past years at Hyde Park.