MANY years ago there was an advert for a perfume made by Calvin Klein called Eternity.

The advert was filmed on a beach and at the end of it a voice whispered ‘Eternity by Calvin Klein’.

Fast forward to 2018, and re-imagine the same advert but this time filmed on a beach in Scarborough and a Yorkshire voice whispers ‘Charisma’ by Graham Fellows.

Having spoken to the man who created Jilted John and John Shuttleworth, you realise he has charisma in aplomb but in a very quiet and self effacing way.

He is just like you and me, only funnier.

Graham burst onto the pop/punk scene in the summer of 1978 when he was a fresh faced 18-year-old drama student at Manchester Polytechnic.

The song called Jilted John by Jilted John should have been called Gordon is a Moron, as this is the famous chorus people remember.

But how did Jilted John come into life, Graham said: “I guess punk at the time was po-faced and so Jilted John was me having a little bit of fun.

“Punk was all serious and I just wanted a laugh hence the opening 2-3-4...Calling it Jilted John by Jilted John was a bit avant garde but maybe we should have called it Gordon is a Moron.

“It was going to called Jilted John by John Thomas but I stuck with Jilted John by Jilted John.

“The chorus Gordon is a Moron is only sung once.

“But now when I do the song I do repeat it at the end of the song.

“The production was very strong and the voice was extremely loud. There were only two guitars, a bass and a drum on it.

“You can’t help but hear the words. They are good words for an 18-year-old and I wish I could write something like that now. Jilted John got the title of King of Wimp rock thanks to Tony Parson. So at least I am the King of Wimp rock.”

Those heady days when Jilted John appeared on Top of the Pops was a special moment for Graham as this was when he met the lead singer of Blondie, Debbie Harry.

He said: “Well at that time all lads were into Debbie Harry. I got my photograph taken with her and even gave her a kiss of the cheek.

“I was the happiest teenager in the world. And that happiness is what I want to recreate with the tour.

“I want to recreate the hot summer of ‘78 and get on stage and jump around.

“As John Shuttleworth I do not dance around and John doesn’t crack a smile but I can with Jilted John and I am looking forward to having some fun.”

Fun is one thing Graham has had with his comic creations, but as he explained each one has been born by accident.

He explained they (Jilted John and John Shuttleworth) fell into place.

He said: “The music came first with a song or two and then the character. I was like that with John Shuttleworth. I would put together audio tapes I used to create of his music and then used a photograph of the man in the Grecian 2000 advert on the cover.

“I wanted this sort of mature man look and that was before people had actually seen the character of John Shuttleworth.

“I wrote the Jilted John song when I was at the polytechnic so I need to get another nerdy anorak, I need to get the look right.

Graham then added: “I am very good at playing a seedy Victorian gentlemen.

“My girl friend looks at me some days and says pervy vicar and I have to get some gel in my hair and fluff it up.”

As for when Graham became aware of music and comedy he said it was thanks to his dad whom he listened to various show records like Oklahoma or the King and I. He also tuned into Junior Choice on the radio where he heard songs like Mud glorious mud, Nelly the Elephant, and Puff the magic dragon (which he hated).

This autumn, the King of Wimp Rock will reascend his throne as Jilted John will be out on the road to do his very first live tour.

You can catch him at the Frome Cheese & Grain on Thursday, October 11, when Jilted John. “Ere We Go 2… 3… 40” 40th Anniversary Tour comes to Somerset.

Tickets for Jilted John on sale online at or call the box office on 01373 455420.