THE article of August 16 discussing the possible rail link between Bishops Lydeard and Taunton (‘Hopes to link railway to County Town', County Gazette, August 16) is nothing but the latest in a series of well trodden lines of deception being presented by local authorities.

Bishops Lydeard to Taunton is not the solution nor on its own, even a meaningful part of the solution in improving travel links to West Somerset.

More to the point First Group, who presently have the major rail franchise in this area are also the major bus franchise provider, have no interest in reinstating a rail service in competition to their own bus service.

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Bitter experience, particularly when travelling on a Sunday from Taunton to London in late over-crowded trains, would suggest they see passengers as a rather inconvenient revenue-generating cash cow.

Equally, it took 90 minutes to drive from Taunton to Dunster last Friday due to weight of traffic.

Somerset County Council and Taunton Deane both claim to be strapped for cash and the merger with West Somerset will in turn bring added pressures.

Has Wellington Station reopened, Langport, Somerton, direct rail-link to Bristol Airport? No.

The truth is in the decades since closure, there appears to be no political will or vision to genuinely improve rail services in this region of the south west.

Put bluntly, it’s time for those in a position to influence to either put up or shut up, the community is tired of fake news.