TOWN representatives have hit out against a council for its ‘calamitous’ treatment of a social housing development.

Wellington Town Council discussed the matter of the new homes at Oaken Ground, Rockwell Green, at its September meeting, stating anger no completion date is in sight.

The cllrs described Taunton Deane Borough Council’s involvement in the development, which is based at the site of the former Weavers Arms pub, as ‘not good enough’.

“Lots of people are looking forward to either moving back home or moving in for the first time and it’s not good enough,” said Cllr Andy Govier after town clerk Greg Dyke told the meeting TDBC had been unable to answer his inquiries about when the development would be finished.

A number of existing houses and the Weavers Arms pub were demolished in 2016 to clear the site for the 26 ‘social’ homes, which were then changed to become a number of ‘affordable’ homes, instead.

The homes will be a mix of 21 ’affordable’ properties, two shared ownership, and just three allocated as social housing for returning residents, who don’t know when they can go back home.

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“Someone working there told me that all the budget had been used up and there was no money left to finish the job,” said Cllr Marcus Barr, who first raised the issue on behalf of the town council. “I can’t see them being finished before Christmas and that’s too long for families desperate to move back in.”

Cllr John Thorne described Taunton council’s handling of the situation as “calamitous” and added “they changed the type of housing on offer without consulting us and now it’s ridiculously late in completion.”

The members called out Cllr Terry Beale, the Deane’s responsible member for housing services. They extended an invitation for him to come and explain the situation at a future council meeting.

Cllr Mark Lithgow said: “Cllr Beale needs to be here to explain himself. Nobody is taking responsibility for this mess.”

Mayor of Wellington, Cllr Gary James, said: “Something has gone terribly wrong here and it needs to be sorted quickly.”

Cllr Terry Beale, Executive Councillor for Housing Services, said: “The council is looking forward to completing the scheme for 26 new homes at Oaken Ground, in the near future. There was some unavoidable delay due to technical issues with the site which only became apparent when work was under way.

“The delays are unfortunate but the work has been necessary to provide affordable, high quality homes for residents. The scheme is now moving into a snagging programme of works over the coming weeks. We will continue to support those affected.”