PLANS for 44 homes at Firepool Lock have been approved despite concerns from councillors about a lack of community facilities.

Developer Unavent Taunton Limited submitted a reserved matters planning application to gain approval for the layout, scale, appearance and landscape of the proposed development of 44 homes on the site near..

Councillors from Taunton Deane Borough Council's planning committee raised concerns about the plans at a meeting on Wednesday (September 12) and said they have fears there will be no community facilities to support future residents.

Councillor Francesca Smith, said: "I can't see anything here where people can go to be a part of the community.

"Are there any parks, community centres or shops nearby?

"I am not sure that there is any provision for the community here."

Councillor Marcia Hill echoed Cllr Smith's comments and said she would like to see facilities for the community.

"I am concerned about community facilities," Cllr Hill said.

"I know some residents who have moved into some of the new buildings at Firepool Lock and they have facilities they can use but they are just for them.

"I am not sure if they can be shared. There is no community facilities here for new residents and that is the bit that is missing.

"However I do like the design of the building, it is a clever and different use of the piece of land."

Cllr Simon Coles said he also liked the design of the building but said he has fears "I agree it is a very nice building and it will be visible from all parts of the town," Cllr Coles said.

"But there are little or no community facilities.

"The building will be six storey's high and will be dominant block in the development of Firepool Lock."

But Councillor Ian Morrell said he thinks the building is too large for the site and said he thinks more needs to be done to improve Taunton's infrastructure before the homes are built.

"We can't keep building homes without the jobs to support it," Cllr Morrell said.

"There is an issue concerning community facilities and I agree with my fellow councillors that there need to be facilities there for residents.

"I think the size of the building is too large and out of keeping with neighbouring properties."

Despite their concerns councillors voted to approve the plans with 11 voting for and two voting against.