WHAT a weak and feeble MP we have in Taunton Deane!

Years of cuts are culminating in financial meltdown at County Hall and misery for the most vulnerable, while park and ride closures threaten gridlock and villages face being cut off in severe winters by untreated roads

The response of Ms Pow? “I’m raising this with Ministers” and an appeal for more time.

This is pathetic.

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Tory Ministers have known for years that turning the screw on local Government year on year would lead to this debacle.

Somerset faces a worse situation that most authorities because of local Conservative mismanagement, but the root cause is national.

We have heard not a single word of criticism, protest or alternative proposals from Ms Pow in all this time, who just acts as ‘lobby fodder’ obediently following the party line and voting for whatever cuts she is told to support.

Instead, we see her smiling face in the paper as she boasts about preserving woodlands or raising funds for Wellington Monument.

I would not decry the value of these issues, but when it comes to the crunch I expect the MP to get her priorities right.

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Do trees matter more than young carers who have to look after a parent or children and families with complex needs?