A TWELVE-YEAR-OLD boy accused of a string of knife offences including the theft and possession of swords, kitchen knives and a bayonet could be let off if police decide to give him a caution.

The boy, currently living at an address in Taunton, is alleged to have committed the string of serious offences at Frome between December 2017 and January this year.

He is charged that on January 6 at an address in Foundry Barton, Frome, he stole a sword, hatchet and two wooden knives along with the theft of a utility hammer on December 31 from Lidl in Frome.

He is also charged that on January 4 at the Original Factory Shop in Frome he stole two small kitchen knives.

It is also alleged on January 6 that he was in a public place, namely at the British Heart Foundation in Scott Road, Frome, while in possession of an offensive weapon, namely a Samuri sword and two small kitchen knives.

It is also alleged that on December 30 at Park Road in Frome he had with him in a public place a bayonet, four small knives, one scythe and one blade from a sword.

On January 11 the defendant was charged with stealing a Star Wars wallet valued at £5.99 belonging to an unknown person.

Also, on December 11 it was alleged he had with him in Castle Street, Frome, a small fixed blade kitchen knife.

The case was put before magistrates sitting at a hearing of the Yeovil Youth Court but the defendant was not present.

Following an application to the court the Bench agreed to adjourn the case until September 21 for the police to consider giving the youth a caution instead of continuing with the prosecution.

They were told that if the caution is administered in the interim period then the defendant would not need to attend the next hearing.