A DISABLED woman whose wheelchair got stuck on Dunster Beach has thanked firefighters after they came to her rescue.

Hannah Rose, 34, of Northwick, Cheshire, was visiting the beach with her family on Tuesday evening (September 18) when her wheelchair got stuck in the sand.

"I have been in a wheelchair for 18 years and have never been in a situation like this," Hannah said.

"When we were on the beach I moved my wheelchair down slowly, I wanted to move a bit closer so I could go and sit with my mum when my chair got stuck.

"A lovely couple saw we were struggling and came over to help. We tried everything but we still couldn't get the chair out."

Hannah said her father initially called a breakdown service for help but said they were told to call the fire service.

"We had no idea who to call as we had never been in this situation," Hannah said.

"It was getting cold outside so I was so happy when the firefighters turned up.

"The fire service were amazing, they came in a matter of minutes and were so kind and helpful.

"They used shovels to get me out of the sand so I could move my wheelchair back over to dry land. They were all really nice and chatted to me while they helped me out.

"I am so thankful to them, they did such a great job."

Hannah said she found the situation funny and plans to write about it in her new book.

"I have already written two books and am in the process of writing my third," Hannah said.

"In them I talk about all of the experiences I have had since I was 15.

"I am definitely going to be putting this anecdote in, it was such a funny thing to happen and its something I want to share with my readers."

A spokesman for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service said they are pleased Hannah made it home safely.

"We were called to Dunster beach at 6.50pm on September 18 after a young female called and said her wheelchair was stuck in the sand.

"One fire crew from Minehead went to the incident and used small tools to help get her out.

"We are pleased to see Hannah is grateful to the fire service for their help.

"It is nice to see that someone takes the time to thank us for doing our jobs."