LET me start with this: If someone takes your money which was intended to be used to help you, your neighbour, your community and those whose needs are greater than yours, wouldn’t you like to ask what happened to that money?

I would.

So, I would like to ask Somerset County Council’s Tory administration one simple question: What happened to the six fraud enquiries carried out by SCC over a year ago

It’s gone very quiet. I had the usual brush-off when sending a Freedom of Information request six months ago regarding the fraud investigation.

Perhaps they hope it will be forgotten in the mists of time! Not by me.

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Of course, what’s overshadowed that question is the other small matter of a £13m-plus and counting shortfall that SCC desperately needs to stay afloat.

This you can’t keep quiet and hope people will forget. 

The destruction of services in Somerset will affect thousands of people throughout the county due to incompetent management and their over-paid consultants.

Worse still, this Tory administration can’t even get help from their very own Tory masters in Westminster with their stubborn, obsessive, ideologically-led austerity.

They sit in Parliament witnessing this slow financial car crash of local governments - and have done over the years - and do nothing!

Just like their local MP, a silent, empty political entity of a sitting Tory MP in Taunton, who has only now decided to make some noises due to the unprecedented publicity.

Born to rule? Born to ruin! 

Monkton Heathfield