HALLO, you warm-hearted Somerset citizen!

In the early 1960s I spent some marvellous summers in Somerset, learning to ride, racing to the pub on horseback early Saturday mornings, partying to The Beatles, working as a shepherd on horseback.

I even took part in a fox hunting event, red jackets, people blowing horns and a massive pack of hounds. Can you imagine?

I should write a book about all these experiences! Even my wife-to-be spent a summer with all these friends.

As time passed by we lost contact with all our friends in the Minehead area.

Now, when both my wife and I are retired, we suddenly have an urge and time to try to find any of all these wonderful people we met at that time. 

Can the County Gazette help us?

So far, we have tried a lot of possibilities to find these friends. The tax authority, church, house brokers, town hall of Minehead (they never answer), embassies, police, etc - no luck whatsoever.

Please help us with this.

Sorry I forgot: we are Swedes, living south of Gothenburg near a small town, Varberg.

Varberg, Sweden

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