AS a regular user of the M5 junction 25 southbound during rush hour, I have to admit giving the occasional silent ‘oops’ on realising that what had been three lanes of briskly-moving traffic, had become two briskly moving and one crawling.

Following the terrible accident recently, I have decided to adopt the French habit of switching on hazard lights whenever I join a slow-moving or stationary queue of traffic, only turning them off when another vehicle has joined behind me.

A long-term solution for this junction would be to make the inside lane from half a mile out, a dedicated exit lane, closed off at the lip road and opened again after the joining slip road beyond the junction, as with several junctions either side of Exeter.

And, of course, the whole danger might have been avoided if the dualling of the A358 had been carried out as promised some years ago, allowing rapid clearing of traffic leaving the roundabout at junction 25.

Plans were displayed at village halls along the road and we were assured - ‘the money is in place’. Ha!