ALL we hear is “it was all your fault” from one political party to another. 

The fact remains, Taunton is now a run-down commuter town going nowhere. 

Devon is booming and I welcome their latest plans to open a second Eden Centre project at motorway junction 27, on the Somerset border. 

That will drain traffic and business away from us.

On a recent train journey I was asked where I lived. 

“Oh Taunton, is that the rundown place with a patchwork quilt High Street?,” was their response.

If you approach the Henlade Park and Ride, you see waist-high grass and scruffy road edges. It looks run down.

Come into the town and you will soon see areas boarded up looking very scruffy. If it looks run down and scruffy, it is run down and scruffy.

According to our experts, the answer is for the residents to borrow millions and build a hotel in the hope that someone will lease it.

Who are they kidding? 

Plus, who in their right mind would relocate a business to this area when booming Devon is down the road to welcome them?

Perhaps the experts are too involved passing plans for more new houses and making more cuts to our services. That is, after the celebrations end to commemorate the opening of the Silk Mills Bridge. I rest my case.