A WELLINGTON couple got a shock from down under last week after an Australian animal interrupted their walk.

The small hopper, which Somerset resident Florence Biss believes is a kangeroo, was spotted approximtaely 9,500 miles from home last Friday afternoon.

Florence and her boyfirend were walking near Wellington monument when they spied the marsupial in the distance.

The pair couldn't believe their eyes, and so Florence captured the moment on video.

She said: "My boyfriend and I saw a kangaroo near Wellington monument.

"It was last Friday in the afternoon.

"We were visiting my boyfriend’s mum, and she lives just near Wellington Monument.

"We were walking though the cornfields and in the corner we saw this white blob.

"When we got closer we saw it was a kangaroo. We thought it was pretty amazing.

"We couldn’t really believe it. I came home and told my mum and she didn’t believe me so I showed her the video.

"I have also told friends and they don’t believe me until they see it.

"We have been back since but not seen it."

Do you think this could be a Kangeroo in Somerset?