I FIND it surprising that the council is planning to use what little money there is to tinker around with pedestrianising St James’ Street, East Street and Hammett Street, thereby causing even more traffic queues (with the associated pollution).

And this when the old market site is still a disgraceful eyesore, ironically announced on a placard at the site as “The Future of Taunton”!

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I regularly travel across Taunton to the courts and on occasion it can take me up to an hour to get back to the Wickes’ roundabout because the traffic is so bad.

Two of the roads I regularly use when going to and from court are Hammett Street and St James’ Street, so I dread the thought of how much worse it will all be in January when the plans are supposedly going to be implemented.

I ask the council to think again before the town is irretrievably snarled up with traffic.