WHAT a positive article to read in a recent County Gazette under the heading “We need to work together for the town”.

Here are two people who have taken the trouble to seek out the latest ideas and information.

INSIGHT: 'We need to work together to improve Taunton'

Taunton is our town and we need to work out how best to make it work for us in this very different world with everything changing around us.

It is up to us and not the Government up there in Whitehall (what do they really know about us down in Somerset?).

How do we do this; how to best “green-up” Taunton: what sort of design of buildings, heights, facades and materials; how can we best use the Tone and enjoy it, what sorts of trees will enhance the street-scape, where do we put a multi-purpose venue?

Don’t let’s get hung up on car parking – what about an inner circular shuttle bus route? 

This is our job and not the council’s, so please can we have ideas as many as possible?

Kingston St Mary