A TAUNTON performer is appearing on the German version of Britain's Got Talent - Das Supertalent - on Saturday.

Kieron Johnson's act isn't exactly for the squeamish - he drinks down four litres of water and then regurgitates it all.

He claims to be one of only seven people in the world with the ability to bring back up food and drink...and other items such as coins.

Somerset County Gazette:

He triggered plenty of laughs and oohs and aahs when the progamme was recorded.

We're keeping shtum as to how he got on, but we'll let you know afterwards.

But while the Germans, other Europeans and audiences in Asia can't get enough of his regurgitation, British audiences are often left a little dumbfounded.

But his magic acts go down a treat in this country.

Somerset County Gazette:

Kieron, 35, who lives with his wife, Katherine, and two-year-old son, Rupert, has done British TV before.

He appeared on a digital TV programme called Magic of Maths.

He works behind the scenes on TV in this country as a consultant and many of the tricks he's designed have been performed by other top artists.

Somerset County Gazette:

Previous Britain's Got Talent winner Richard Jones used one of Magic Circle member Kieron's creations in his audition for the show.

"I prefer performing close up magic on the streets to going on stage," said Kieron.

"That's why many of my designs are performed by other magicians."

Kieron was touring Germany when a friend suggested he applied to go on Das Supertalent.

"My reguritator act is very popular there," he said.

"In my shows I drink four litres of water, swallow coins, smoke and sweets and bring them up.

"The judge, Bruce, on Das Supertalent was pretty freaked out.

"I've had the ability to regurgitate since I was a kid. Only seven people in the world have the skill - and one of them, David Blaine, had to learn how to do it.

"When I was seven and eating sweets, I realised I could bring them back up.

Somerset County Gazette:

"I showed my brother and friends, but it wasn't something I thought I was going to make a living out of."

As well as performing at shows, Kieron also does weddings and corporate work and teaches magic around the world.

He has worked as a magic consultant for Troy Ben Hanlin and Todd Hogg and advised David Blaine.

Somerset County Gazette:

So, will Kieron make it through to the finals of Das Supertalent? We'll let the cat out of the bag after the show airs on Saturday.