A £1.5 MILLION plan to increase pollution! Yes, increase!

I totally agree with Charis Canahan-Pack JP (‘Please think again - no more traffic chaos’, Postbag, October 11).

Who will want to come to Taunton town centre?

People will not want to queue to get in/out of the town, and because of the ensuing gridlock, get fed up and just go to the out-of-town superstores, thus further killing off our already struggling town, and its businesses.

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This “plan” will obviously result in extra journey times and extra travelling distances skirting Taunton, thus creating even more pollution.

Unfortunately, I drive in Taunton every day, and I find myself having to go further and further to the outskirts to avoid the traffic, and save time.

What a waste of £1.5 million that is desperately needed elsewhere.