IN response to the recent article by Amy Cole (‘Concerns tawny owl numbers in decline’, County Gazette, October 4), we are lucky, because although we live on the edge of Wiveliscombe by a busy and well-lit road, we often hear tawny owls - several of them, including young.

They are generally roosting in the trees surrounding Sandys Moor, where there are several acres of rough ground well inhabited by voles and mice.

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This area has been undisturbed for several years, but is now up for ‘redevelopment’.

I am sure this will mean the owls will have to find somewhere else to live.

No-one is creating unused land for them, and they will be joining the decline.

Unfortunately, owls do not rate highly in the planning process, as there is no profit in them.

What a heartless world we force nature to put up with - more to our loss.