I VOTED to leave the EU purely over immigration, thinking only common sense, ignoring the power game of politics.

What about another referendum in Britain, only this time asking people what they think is the best option of two for our people in order to see a lovely settled life “within our lifetime”? It’s available now, we must not let fools deny us this gift.

The first option: our nation carries on as we are in the EU spending billions of hours every year building the equivalent of a large city to accommodate hundreds of thousands of immigrants arriving annually; these immigrants, whether black or white, are like our own people, some are good and some are bad so there is no gain there, just more people to feed and treat for illness every year.

The second option: we virtually halt immigration and now, with no city to build annually which we do not need in order to survive, we “positively” redirect these billions of hours of totally unnecessarily wasted effort into flooding our NHS with all the help it needs “for our own benefit” and still have millions of hours of help available for countless life-improving projects that for the first time ever improve and settle our own people’s lives instead of simply increasing numbers and confrontation.

Which option is “fool proof” and guarantees us a settled life “within our lifetime” and which will deny us ever experiencing that precious gift?

Think common sense you British, not what you are fed by the very powerful editors of the BBC, Sky and most newspapers who do not and never have supported the Leave ”home rule” vote; rest assured had they, the EU result would have been an overwhelming vote for Leave.


Bishops Lydeard