A SCHOOL in Taunton has partnered up with a charity to help provide aid and support to students in Cambodia.

Queen’s, in Trull Road, has started a new partnership with charity EduKid.

The school had a visit from Bonnie, a student from Cambodia, who was able to demonstrate first-hand how a school’s sponsorship makes a difference to people’s lives.

As a child, Bonnie used to work the streets collecting plastic bottles and cans to recycle before going to school. She was brought up in a slum and her dream was to become a doctor.

Edukid has been sponsoring Bonnie for years and she is now just one year away from graduating as a fully-qualified doctor.

Bonnie visited the junior school for their assembly and shared pictures of her as a young child collecting plastic water bottles so she could buy medicine for her mother. Bonnie continued to tell her story to the senior school for the rest of the morning.

Over the next year, Queen’s College, which is celebrating its 175 anniversary this year, will focus on one village in Cambodia where it hopes to help provide educational resources and funds for students to attend school.

Jane Evans, director of outreach and partnerships at Queen’s, said: “We’re delighted to be supporting this most worthy of causes.

“Bonnie’s remarkable story touched us all and showed how Edukid’s fantastic work is able to make a real difference to people’s lives."