PHILIPPE Messy, who runs The Little Wine Shop in Bath Place, Taunton, gives you his choice of white wines for Christmas.

For oysters I would suggest a wine made of Folle Blanche, it comes from the Muscadet region, simple and zesty it would match perfectly with oysters from Porlock!

With smoked salmon a Chardonnay is great. The style have change a lot in Australia wines by Shaw & Smith (£25) or if you want to remain European, Limoux from Toques et Clochers (£14.50). If you prefer a crisp Chardonnay a Little Estate down the road from Taunton makes a crisp, light Chablis like wine made in Somerset: Greenhill Estate (£15.75).

If you wish to ‘push the boat, I would suggest a Macon from Lafon. Dominique is one of the 10 best white winemaker on the planet! At £24.50 a bottle, it might sound a lot but it’s made by one of the top craftsmen in the world!