I UNDERSTAND that supermarkets are required to sell alcohol in a responsible manner and comply with the ‘Challenge 25’ rules, but surely common sense should prevail.

I was in Aldi, Bridgwater Road, in Taunton, on Thursday afternoon buying groceries, together with some wine.

The cashier grasped a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc in her hand and abruptly asked my 13-year-old daughter if she had any ID. My daughter was clearly embarrassed as she had no idea why she would be challenged in this manner.

The cashier went on to announce, in front of a queue of customers, that she wasn’t going to sell me the wine as I might be buying it for my daughter.

I thought she was joking but, no, she meant it. I asked if it was a new policy and she said no. I asked to speak to the manager who came over, curtly said it was Challenge 25 (I am 54!) and she was going to stand by her cashier.

I would like all Aldi, Taunton customers to be aware they should not attempt to buy alcohol in the store if they are accompanied by children, as they will apparently be challenged and refused the purchase. I feel it is good to be aware of this as we approach the festive season.

Of course, I’m sure the majority of cashiers are much more sensible and I was unlucky to get an overzealous cashier.

She obviously thought I was an alcohol mule for my daughter and was going to give her a bottle of wine to glug on the way home in the car. Guilty until proven innocent in this country it would seem.

Thanks, Aldi, I popped off to Sainsbury’s later, after swimming training that evening, accompanied by my daughter and bought a bottle of wine there instead of from you. I enjoyed a nice glass of their Sauvignon Blanc with my dinner last night.