A WEEK on from the announcement of the sale and closure of Six Acres day centre for adults with learning disabilities, there are more questions than answers.

Why did Somerset County Council sell Six Acres without keeping Discovery, who operate the centre, properly involved in their plans?

Why was there no clear consultation with the people supported by Six Acres, their families and carers or staff?

How did the decision come to bypass the basic democratic process of Scrutiny?

Why was this rushed through, slashing the time available to develop alternative services?

Did the “fire sale” realise the best possible value of the buildings and land?

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Cllr David Huxtable claims this is an opportunity for progressive change, quoting Minehead as an example of good practice, yet people close to Minehead services say things there are no further forward than in Taunton, so what on Earth does he mean?

What will SCC do about Taunton’s lack of community-based infrastructure, including ‘Changing Places’, that would at least enable some of Six Acres’ customers to go elsewhere locally? Perhaps some of the reported £9 million earmarked to refurbish their offices could be used?

Do they guarantee the removal of the building won’t be an excuse for further cuts to funding for badly needed daytime support?

This secretive sale of a centre owned by the people of Somerset, without basic democratic process and with flimsy justification, serves the interests of a clique of councillors at a cost to those most in need.

Is this now the Banana Republic of Somerset?