A BROKEN condom vending machine abandoned on a Minehead beauty spot has highlighted a fly-tipping problem.

Keith Hunt and his team of litter pickers discovered the broken machine on North Hill on Saturday, November 10.

He said: "Thanks to the few who braved the heavy rain on North Hill for the litter pick.

"Six full bags of litter, mainly beer cans, bottles and McDonald's cups, plus a vending machine which was scattered about. I took it all away in my car and the area is tidy - for now."

Mr Hunt organises the litter picks in his role as litter heroes ambassador for Keep Britain Tidy.

The broken condom vending machine isn't the only strange thing he's found in the country side.

He added: "I'm thinking it was stolen as wall fixings still attached where it had been pulled off the wall. However, still a terrible sight left in the countryside. "On previous litter picks on North Hill, I found a car seat and box from a new tv with the old one put inside."

The dedicated litter picker will be holding another clean-up day between Christmas and New Year. The date will be announced soon.

For information on reporting fly-tipping in West Somerset click here.