A TAUNTON mum was left horrified after her four year-old son escaped from his nursery and walked all the way home along a busy road.

Claire Frost's son, Connor, was being looked after by staff at Holy Trinity Nursery on Monday, when he climbed through a window, opened two closed gates and walked out across a main road.

The 32-year-old mum said her four-year old took ten minutes to get home, where she says he shouted "Mummy please let me in" through the letterbox of the Gordon Road family home.

She claims nursery staff had no idea Connor had disappeared and she had to call to let them know he had arrived at home safely.

Miss Frost said: "I felt sick to my stomach when Connor showed up at the door. I couldn't believe what was happening.

"He's four-years-old. He could have been run over on the main road.

"My heart was racing when he came to the door. He burst into tears as he thought I would be angry at him, but I wasn't. I was angry at the nursery. It was awful."

The mother-of-four said she has taken Connor out of the nursery since the incident as she does not trust it to look after him.

Somerset County Gazette:

Holy Trinity Primary School on South Street in Taunton 

She said she has looked at putting Connor into another nursery, but the ordeal has left her worried the same thing could happen again.

"I'm just really frightened that something more serious could have happened as a result of the incident," Miss Frost said.

"The windows and the side gate should have been locked long before my son managed to leave unnoticed.

"I feel as a parent other parents deserve to know what's happened."

She claims the school has not apologised to her since the incident and said it will take time to get over what happened.

Jeremy Handscomb, head teacher at Holy Trinity Primary School, where the nursery is based, said: "There was an incident with a four-year-old child from our nursery on Monday who left the school site.

"The alarm was raised very quickly and, after a short period, the child was returned to the nursery.

"This incident should not have happened and we apologise without reservation.

"This is a recently built and purpose-designed nursery provision and surrounding outdoor site which met all the health and safety requirements and building regulations, and had up until Monday ensured the safety of all children.

"In the light of this incident, and following an investigation, we have immediately made some additional alterations to the safeguarding of the building and the wider area."

The changes include:

  • Two windows adjusted so they can be opened for ventilation, but not further, as for all other windows.
  • The side gate into the nursery’s outdoor area from the footpath is locked with an additional combination lock.
  • The green exit button by the main pedestrian access into the school site will be moved to a higher location so children cannot open the gate.

Mr Handscomb added: "Holy Trinity Nursery remains a strong provision for our youngest children and we are wholeheartedly committed to ensuring the best safeguarding and education for all."